About us

We are a specialty coffee house and roaster in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia - established in 2015 as the first specialty coffee house in our city. We proudly source our beans from organic fair trade farms from several regions across the coffee belt. We believe that the best coffee is ethical coffee; from crop, to bean, to cup. We only roast coffee scoring 80 and above - aiming to provide a beautiful flavorful and clean cup of coffee every time.

Cafe culture all around the world always tells the tales of its people. In cafes people gather for a conversation, discussion, for love, for work, or for some moments of solitude with a good cup of coffee. Medd  paved the way for this cafe culture in Jeddah; when third wave coffee culture was not yet established.

Coffee has been a great adventure for us, meeting the farmers and walking the fertile earth that makes all of this possible. Many serendipitous moments of discovery and challenge have brought us beans from Indonesia,Yemen, Ethiopia, and Latin America. We offer our respect and love for their coffee by always working towards the perfection of the bean.

Medd Cafe was designed to provide a holistic experience, expressing our values and vision for the space. The whole experience was customized for its purpose: form follows function. You experience the art of customized coffee roasting and brewing as part of your visit, cementing the idea that coffee making and drinking is an art and a lifestyle, and not merely a medium for ingesting caffeine.

We are proud of our local Hijazi culture, & thus our locations are built around our unique culture, a fusion of a cozy third wave ‘hip’ ambiance of our target market customers, and our traditions.

Our cafe is home to local artwork and has become a space where collaborations are constantly brewing between local artists, entrepreneurs, students, thinkers.. allowing space for dialogue within our community.

We aspire to become Jeddah’s ever-loyal destination for a good cup of coffee, and great company.

Medd’s mission is to build long-term trade partnerships that are economically just and environmentally sound, to foster mutually beneficial relationships between farmers and consumers, and to demonstrate, through our success, - a successful example of local and international community collaboration, fair-trade and socially sustainable businesses.