Al Shathly Arabic Coffee | 250g

Flavors Butterscotch | Biscotti
Body Light
Acidity Vibrant and Sweet
Process Method Natural
Net Weight 250g
SAR77.39 *Excl. Tax
| Alshathely Arabic Coffee |
Once coffee was introduced in the Arab world, many poems and prose were written in its honor. Significant names given to coffee, one of which is Alshathely, named after the Sheikh Ali Bin Umar Alshathely. Alshathely is roasted keeping in tradition with Arabic roasting methods, where the beans are roasted to a distinct golden color. 
At Medd, we eagerly present this perfectly roasted coffee, while also bringing its history to your attention. Its notes of butterscotch and biscotti will definitely tickle your senses. 
You can find out more about Alshathely’s history by scanning the QR code on the coffee bag.